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Make your School prject or College Final year Projects with Gurukul Gyan For Projects and get free technical support. You can also use our lab and use necessary parts at your ease. Reports are also available with Projects. Supports starts from very beginning level i.e Nursery and goes to B-Tech,B.Sc,M-Tech and M-Sc.Commerce Students are also welcome for their Report submission.Major project support is available for 11th and 12th class Physics Project.11th and 12th class students need to make working project on Physics subject.Topics such as conductors and semi conductors are included and students can make Full Wave Rectifier, Half Wave Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier, Charging and dis charging of capacitor, Series and Parallel Resistance, Induction, And,Or,Not Gates,Rain and Fire Alarm,Transistor as switch etc etc etc.Projects support for exhibition is also available.Robotics is future and Gurukul is committed to future development only.Students with interest in robotics can take class at our center.Student with 10+ age can enroll with us for Robotics Classes.Special Weekend classes are also available so that student shall study with this classes. Call +91- 9711699511 for more information


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