Physics Model Projects (Junior)

Physics Model Projects (Junior)


  1. COMMON BALANCE– (A simple two pan based weighing machine)
  2. SPRING BALANCE– (A simple spring type weight-measuring gadget)
  3. SAND/CANDLE/WATER DROP CLOCK– (Old method to calculate time)
  4. PRESSURE METER– (The air pressure can be used to weigh)
  5. PHYSICAL BALANCE– (A Scientific apparatus normally used in Lab)
  6. VERNIER CLIPPER– (A model to scale the small items)
  7. SUN DIAL– (A sun shadow based clock)


  1. POTTER WHEEL– (A simple age-old technique used by potter (Motorized))
  2. CAR LIFTING JACK– (A technique to lift car without using much effort)
  3. WHEEL BARROW– (Simple hand operative gadget used to carry goods)
  4. SIMPLE LIVER– (The effortless technique to move heavy goods)
  5. SIMPLE CRANE PULLEY– (A pulley arrangement to lift goods at height)
  6. SIMPLE LIFT (ELEVATOR)– (A pulley arrangement makes it possible)
  7. HYDRAULIC LIFT– (Car lifting system normally used in service stations)
  8. LAWS OF MOTION– (The arrangement shows three laws of motions)
  9. WITS WORTH– (Circular to Parallel Motion in Mechanical (Motorized))
  10. CAPILLARY RISE– (The air pressure causes the capillary rise in tubes)
  11. FORCE DUE TO COILED SPRING– (A weight can be pulled by it)
  12. JOULE`S EXPERIMENT– (Model shows the exp. setup using motor)
  13. WATER FILTER– (A simple process to filter the contaminated water)
  14. PULL BACK CAR– (It shows the conservation of mechanical energy)
  15. BALL BEARING EXPERIMENT– (The bearing helps friction free movement)
  16. PROJECTILE MOTION– (with electromagnetic system / with mechanical system)
  17. AIR– (Air Pressure with balloon and thread / Air has mass)
  18. BALOON BOAT– (The air pressure can push the boat to move in water)
  19. HOOVER CRAFT (simple)– (Air pressure causes the Hoover to move)


  1. PERISCOPE– (It consists of two plane glasses in a rectangular tube to see the object from different angles)
  2. KALEIDOSCOPE– (The reflection of light with three-glass arrangement)
  3. TELESCOPE (SIMPLE)– (A Gallian Telescope consist of concave and convex lens)
  4. ASTRONOMICAL TELESCOPE– (a- Reflecting Telescope / b- Real Telescope to see Stars)
  5. PROJECTOR– (a- Real Picture Projector / b Slide Projector)
  6. SPECTRUM DISC. – (A Rotating disc with seven colours (motorised) Click for picture)
  7. LIGHT TRAVEL IN STRAIGHT LINE– (An Apparatus set-up)
  8. MICROSCOPE– (A double lens based on to magnify slide image up to 10x Click for picture)
  9. PIN HOLE CAMERA- (A basic concept is to see the image formed through a small hole displayed at the screen)
  10. COLOUR MEASUREMENT– (Circuit to detect different colours)
  11. MIXING OF COLOURS– (Three basic colours can make all colours)
  12. ANGLE i = ANGLE r- (Using D scale & mirror)
  13. PRISM WITH LIGHT RAY/LAWS OF REFLECTION– (Showing with light effects)


  1. DESERT COOLER– (It shows the working of cooler with motor fan)
  2. EXPANTION OF METAL– (It shows the metals expand when heated)
  3. STEAM BOAT– (It shows the metals expand when heated)
  4. HEAT TO ELECTRIC ENERGY– (Thermocouple showing with meter)
  5. CONDUCTION OF HEAT– – (The transfer of heat in metal rod / Good or Bad)
  6. WATER COOLER– (It actually cools the water to drink)
  7. HEAT TO MECHANICAL ENERGY– (Hot air causes the fan to move)


  1. GEN. OF WAVES– (With Balls / Ripple Tank)
  2. SOUND– (Its echo effect / It needs Air to Travel)
  3. TOY TELEPHONE– (A simple toy to be used as one-way intercom)
  4. GEN. OF SOUND THROUGH DIFF. MEDIUM– ( Jal Tarang / Electronic organ)


  1. SOLAR SYSTEM– (Simple with Sunlight / All Planets Motor movement)
  2. SOLAR/LUNAR ECLIPSE– (Simple with balls & Sun light / Motor movement control working )
  3. PHASES OF MOON– (Simple with balls)
  4. CONSTILLATION OF STARS– (Using light effect / Simple Box Type)