February 6, 2018

Robotics Classes and Courses for Kids

Gurukul Technicals Institute have developed courses for school and college students. Gurukul Technicals Institute believes in maximum practical and minimum theory which makes apart for others. Gurukul Technicals Institute is equipped with fully functional laboratory where student can learn and make robotics project with their ease and comfort. It’s faculty is well expertise and student feels extremely comfortable and learn robotics in fun way. Gurukul Technicals Institute run robotics classes for +10 age students and different courses are designed for different age group students. We are very flexible. We know what problem a student can face while making the project. Technical things such as soldering, Resistance reading, Capacitor reading and placing components and making a project working from loose material are taught under senior and expertise guidance. Coding for robotics are also taught at Gurukul Technicals Institute and Student can go for their own group/friend lecture to make science more fun. Gurukul Technicals Institute runs this robotics workshop in schools in regular basis in sponsorship of Gyanforprojects educational trust. Gurukul Technicals Institute also organises summer workshop for summer fun, weekday classes and weekend classes runs through out the year. As weekday classes and weekend classes are specially scheduled for evening so it will easy for student to align him/herself with school and tuition accordingly. You can also go for Robotics classes at any time throughout the year at Gurukul Technicals Institute. Call/Whatsapp on 9711699511 for more information.

Classes Goes Through out the year. Weekend Batches also available. Group(more than 2) Discounts available.