Gurukul Digital marketing course offered by Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute, New Delhi is located in North Delhi, just 2 KM from North campus. This course will form strong foundation for the students of BBA, MBA, MCA, and also for students who are looking to make their career in marketing. The field just not limited for these, expand the Digital Marketing Course  to Housewives, School Students, Free Lancers or Small Business Entrepreneurs. The MBA students already have the knowledge of offline marketing methods but after the completion of our course it will be icing on cake and Gurukul Digital Marketing course will give complete knowledge of online marketing methods to them. Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute is an subsidiary of Gurukul Technicals Institute which is in your service since 25 Years. The person who have done Gurukul Digital Marketing Course, They would have huge demands in the industry after the completion of our digital marketing course.

Other Institutes in Delhi are charging more than Rs. 30,000 for the same digital marketing course for which we are charging only 10,999/-. So, dont waste your hard earned money and join Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute, North Delhi now! Call us @ 9711699511

Career Oppurtunities
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Professional Blogger
  • Work as Freelancer
  • Business Developer
  • Can Maintain PPC for Tech Support
  • Pop-up Ad Manager
  • SEO Campaign Manager
7 Certifications
  • Google Fundamental

  • Google Search

  • Google Display

  • Google Video

  • Google Shopping

  • Google Mobile

  • G.T.I Certification

Course Duration

100 hrs. (2 Month)

Fee Structure

10,999/- INR


Module 1: Overview of Digital Marketing

In the First Module we will be teaching you about the basics of internet marketing including what is digital markeing, career and scope in digital marketing, different methods of online marketing etc. This module will create the base and you will be able to laid the foundation for digital marketing course.

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Module 2: Basics of HTML

In this module wil will teach you about the basic codes of HTML that are essential for designing a website from SEO perspectives. You wil also be taught as how to design a template-based website taking into considerations about all the parameters of SEO.

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Module 3: SEO ON-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization are the factors that we implement on the page of our website. It normally includes Meta tag optimization, Title tag optimization, content optimization, keywords research and Keyword Implementation on web page, Robots.txt optimization, sitemap optimizaton etc.

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Module 4: SEO OFF-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization are the factors that we implement away from our web page and it normally includes link building on other websites. So, in this module we will teach about directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking, press release submissions, classified submissions, and so on.

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Module 5: Content Optimization

Content Optimization is one of the key things to do to rank your website higher on search engines. In today’s algorithm content plays a vital role. Your website needs to be updated with the latest trends going on. So, in this module we will teach you how to write good content for website, how you can find the resources for content etc.

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Module 6: PPC Optimization

Pay Per Click or PPC Optimization is actually a paid advertising service whereby advertisers have to pay for every click generated by your targeted visitors. If you run the PPC Campaigns appropriately and targetted you can generate good amount of leads and conversions to your business. So, in this module we will teach you how to run your PPC Campaigns.

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Module 7: Video Based Marketing

Today, many users would like to see just videos instead of reading the content as a whole. Therefore your business should have videos as well to target your customers. In this module we will teach you about YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and so on. How to get Subscribers, likes, views,to your video, paid video marketing is what we will teach you Video base marketing.

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Module 8: Understanding Conversion Tracking

In this module we are covering as how can calculate conversions on your total investments. How you can set up conversion tracking tools and how to properly measure that how your advertsing efforts and investment bring results. conversions and leads. It will let you know that wheter your business is in profit or goinig in loss.

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Module 9: Understanding Remarketing

Remarketing or calling your targeting audience again and again to your products and services is quite an effective marketing strategy today. This way we competely get noticed to our targeted audiences and thus can lead to conversions and leads. Learn how to create effective remarkting strategy and how to successfully implementing it.

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Module 10: Understanding CPanel

Control Panel of your website or admin panel is very essential to understand as from here you can manage your website easily through Cpanel. Learn how to create databases, installing wordpress, creating professional emails, creating Ftp’s, uploading files to server and

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Module 11: Social Media Optimization

In this module, we will teach you as how you can utilize the power of social media to drive traffic to your website. We will cover up Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media sites. Enhance your social media presence after the completion of this module of digital marketing.Social Media today has great relevance in your overall digital marketing campaigns.

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Module 12: WordPress Blogging

Every business today is focussing on WordPress Blogging as it is become a vital part of digital marketing. It is through WordPress that we can publish great content to our blog section. We will tell as how to install wordpress, publishing content and images, using SEO tools in wordpress, how to make a good blog on WordPress platform etc.

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Module 13: Webmaster Tools

It is another important module of digital marketing as this module will let you know the important tools and softwares that you require to successfully implement your digital marketing campaign. So, in this module we will let you know about msjor tools such keyword tools, google webmaster tools, link analyzer tools, alexa toolbar etc.

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Module 14: Advance Google Analytics
In this module, we will let you know about Google Analytics. Google Analytics will show all the data related to your website as it will analyze the user behaviour, bounce rate, active views etc. This module will enable you to analyze your website statics and thus you can improve the website according to the statics collected.

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Module: 15 Google Places and Geo Targetting

Geo Targeting is another important chapter that we are covering in the complete internet marketing module. In this module you will be able to know as how you can target the local audiences and how to achieve rank in Google Maps.

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Module 16:Online Reputation Management

It is quite mandatory for a bussiness person to maintain his/her online business reputation. You must go through as how audiences react or review about your product or services online and if found any negative review than how to eradicate them.

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Module 17: Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is on a boom today and we already seen lots of e-commerce companies such as flipkart, snapdeal and others generating lot of revenue. In this module we will teach you as how you can build up your own e-commerce shop and how you can sell out your products.

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Module 18: Email Marketing

Another Important module is E-mail marketing. In this module, you will be taught how to collect email databases, how to send it to your targeted audiences, how to send bulk emails and so on. So, in this module we will be covering all the aspects of E-mail Marketing.

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Module 19:Mobile Marketing

Today, world is more and more shifting towards mobile and lots of people are accessing websites through their mobiles only. So, in this chapter we will tell you as how you create mobile responsive websites and how to promote them online.

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Module: 20 Affiliate Marketing

Affilite Marketing and Adsense is the way through which you can earn money online. In this module we will let you know as how you can set up your own blog and how you can sell out your blog space to advertisers.

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Module 21: Lead Generation

This is another important module of digital marketing. In this module we will let you know as how you can generate leads and conversions to your business and thus can improve your business online.

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Module 22: SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is another way through which you can target your audiences. In this module we will teach you abuot SMS Marketing ways, understanding SMS Interface and how to create list and thus how to send SMS in bulk.

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Module 23: Getting Freelance Projects

We will Learn in this module as how you can make effective proposals for your clients and how you can submit to different freelance portals. Learn as how you really can win a project on top freelance portals.

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Module:24 Practical Projects of all Modules

After the Successful Completion of the all the modules students are required to submit practical projects so that they will be able to learn each and everything practically.