Gurukul Digital marketing course offered by Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute, New Delhi is located in North Delhi, just 2 KM from North campus. This course will form strong foundation for the students of BBA, MBA, MCA, and also for students who are looking to make their career in marketing. The field just not limited for these, expand the Digital Marketing Course  to Housewives, School Students, Free Lancers or Small Business Entrepreneurs. The MBA students already have the knowledge of offline marketing methods but after the completion of our course it will be icing on cake and Gurukul Digital Marketing course will give complete knowledge of online marketing methods to them. Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute is an subsidiary of Gurukul Technicals Institute which is in your service since 25 Years. The person who have done Gurukul Digital Marketing Course, They would have huge demands in the industry after the completion of our digital marketing course.

Other Institutes in Delhi are charging more than Rs. 30,000 for the same digital marketing course for which we are charging only 10,999/-. So, dont waste your hard earned money and join Gurukul Digital Marketing Institute, North Delhi now! Call us @ 9711699511

Career Oppurtunities
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Professional Blogger
  • Work as Freelancer
  • Business Developer
  • Can Maintain PPC for Tech Support
  • Pop-up Ad Manager
  • SEO Campaign Manager
7 Certifications
  • Google Fundamental

  • Google Search

  • Google Display

  • Google Video

  • Google Shopping

  • Google Mobile

  • G.T.I Certification

Course Duration

100 hrs. (2 Month)

Fee Structure

10,999/- INR



Chapter 1: Overview of Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is the importance of Digital Marketing?
  • How Digital Marketing generate Leads?
  • Difference between SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC.
  • Internet Marketing or Online Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing.
  • Why Go for DIgital Marketing?

Chapter 2:Understaing WORDPRESS Website

  • Uploading Themes
  • How to design a website to generate business?
  • How to use Plugins?
  • How to use Photoshop for banner designing?
  • How to design SEO-Friendly web structure?
  • Difference between Static and Dynamic website

Chapter 3: SEO -ON Page Optimization

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Important HTML Tags
  • Heading Tags (H1, H2 and so on)
  • Canonical Tags, Favicon, Redirection, htaccess File?
  • Alexa Setup?
  • Keyword Optimization and synonyms
  • Link Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Creation of HTML and XML Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt creation and implementation
  • Creating Review Extensions
  • Creating Knowledge Graph

Chapter 4: SEO -OFF Page Optimization

  • Directory Submission
  • Article writing and Submissions
  • Blog writing and submissions
  • Writing Blog and forum comments
  • Press Release Submissions
  • Classified Postings
  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Link Wheel Creation
  • PDF & PPT Submissions
  • PBN Submissions
  • Link Exchange: One Way & Reciprocal
  • Video Submissions
  • Question & Answers Communities
  • Social Bookmarking Submissions

Chapter 5: Content Optimization

  • Creating Unique & Fresh Content
  • Placing Keywords in Content
  • Event Based Content Marketing
  • Content Curation Techniques
  • Understanding Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo Trends to write content.
  • Why not create Spin Content?
  • Writing Social Media Optimized Content.
  • Ohter Content Marketing Strategies.
  • Content Marketing Tools
  • Grammer and Punctuation Checker Tools
  • Copy Content Checker Tools

Chapter 6: PPC Optimization

  • Understanding Adwords
  • Account Creation and Campaign Set up for Google Adwords
  • Campaign Management
  • Search, Display, Video, Shopping Networks
  • Creating Compelling Ads
  • Keyword Researches and Keyword Types
  • Monitoring Traffic, Clicks, Impressions and CTR.
  • Billing and Cost.
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Creating Ad extensions
  • MCC Account Creation and Understanding MCC
  • Yahoo and Bing Advertising

Chapter 7: Video Based Marketing

  • Understanding YouTube Marketing
  • Free & Paid Video Marketing
  • Different Video Formats in Adwords
  • Targetting Video Ads
  • Creating Video base Ads
  • Creating Display Ads
  • Rich Media and Mobile Ads
  • Pop up ads
  • Video and Image Ads
  • Free Video Submissions
  • Creating Video Channels
  • Uploading & Downloading Videos
  • Earning Money with Videos
  • Tools to Create Videos

Chapter 8: Understanding Conversion Optimization

  • Calculating Conversions and Implementing Conversion Tool.
  • Understanding Return on Investments.
  • About Maximize Clicks bidding
  • About “target outranking share” bidding
  • About “target search page location” bidding
  • About Target CPA bidding
  • About “target return on ad spend (ROAS)” bidding
  • Find your flexible bid strategy status
  • Measure “target ROAS” performance

Chapter 9: Understanding Remarketing

  • Understanding Shared Library and Remarketing
  • Creating Remarketing Ads
  • Why Use Remarketing?
  • How Remarketing Works?
  • Creating List of Remarketing

Chapter 10: Understanding CPanel

  • How to book domain & hosting?
  • How to create company emails and Email Forwarders?
  • Creating Auto-responders to instantly replying your customers?
  • How to create Email lists to send multiple emails at the same time?
  • How to create databases?
  • How to create subdomains?
  • Understanding File Manager
  • Creating and understanding FTP
  • How to take Backups and Troubleshoot Problems?
  • Creating .htaccess and Redirection

Chapter 11: Social Media Optimization

  • Making Profile / Pages / Groups on Facebook
  • Facebook widgets & social Plugins
  • Facebook Ads Promotions
  • Twitter Promotions
  • Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Widgets
  • Making Profile / Groups / Company on Linkedin
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Youtube Promotions
  • Making Channel on youtube & uploading Videos
  • Creating subscribers & Genrating Likes & views
  • Social Bookmarking: Reddit, Delicous, Furl, Stumbleupon etc
  • Making RSS Feed & distributing
  • Using Pinterest for Image Promotions?
  • Using Flikr & Picassa for Image Promotions?

Chapter 12: WordPress & Blogging

  • What are the Blogs Network
  • Making Blog via Blogspot
  • Making Blog via WordPress
  • Adding Posts, Pages, Images to WordPress
  • Understanding Different WP Plugins
  • Menus Creation in WordPress
  • SEO For WordPress
  • Managing Users in WordPress
  • Free Vs Paid Blogs
  • Custom Installaton WordPress
  • Making Pages, Post, Categories & Tags
  • Applying Templates on Blogs
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blogs Commenting
  • Using Plug ins
  • Applying SEO on Blogs
  • Linking Web Master To Blog
  • Linking Analytics To Blog
  • Linking Adsense To Blog
  • Earning Via Affilate Programs

Chapter 13: Webmaster Tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Alexa Tool Bar
  • Google Adword Keyword Tool
  • Google Trends Tool
  • Moz Tools
  • DA/PA Checker Tools
  • Broken Link Tools
  • Link Analyzer Tools
  • Backlink Generator Tools
  • Roboform Tool
  • Plagriasm Checker Tools

Chapter 14: Advance Google Analytics

  • Overview of Google Analytics
  • Installing Tracking Code
  • Setting up Account Properties
  • Understanding Dashboard, Reports, Graphs and Tables
  • Analyzing Audience Behavior
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Managing users in Google Analytics
  • Creating Goals, Funnels and Conversions in Google Analytics

Chapter 15: Google Places and Geo Targetting

  • Setting Up Google Places
  • Setting up Bing Places
  • Geo Targetting
  • Verification in Google and Bing Places
  • Optimizing Google and Bing Place listings
  • Setting Mark -up Location in Google Maps.
  • Editing your Google Places.
  • Uploading Photographs in Google Business listings.
  • Creating Reviews in Google Places

Chapter 16: Online Reputation Management

  • How to maintain Online Reputation Managment
  • Creating positive reviews for your business
  • Eradicating Negative reviews of your business.
  • How to Promote Brand Awareness?
  • Tools for Building Brands and Online Reputation.

Chapter 17: Ecommerce Marketing

  • What is e-commerce?
  • How to create different e-commerce platforms?
  • Understanding Opencart and creating ecommerce website
  • Understanding different checkouts i.e. Paypal, Google Checkout.
  • Adding shopping cart to your website

Chapter 18: Email Marketing

  • What is e-mail marketing?
  • Creating Email Campaign
  • Creating Email Lists
  • Software for Email Marketing
  • Understanding Webmail, Horde,Roundcube, Squirll mail
  • Email Outlook Configuration
  • News letter Promotions
  • Creating Targeted Email Lists
  • Writing Email Formats
  • Sending Multiple Emails at once
  • MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

Chapter 19: Mobile Marketing

  • Designing Mobile Friendly Site.
  • Creating Mobile Friendly Ads
  • Targeting Mobile Audiences
  • Promoting Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Marketing Methods
  • Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Chapter 20: Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

  • What is adsense?
  • How to implement adsense on your blogs?
  • Placing ads on your blogs
  • Understanding WordPress and creating blogs on other CMS
  • How to promote your blogs through SEO, SMO, PPC and affiliate Marketing.
  • Some hidden Tricks to make money from your Blog.
  • What is Affilate Marketing?
  • How Affilate Marketing works?
  • Different Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • Commossion Junction?
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Programs?
  • Other Affiliate Marketing Networks

Chapter 21: Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation Using SEO Techniques
  • Lead Generation With Adwords
  • Lead Generation With Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation with B2B or B2C portals such as Justdial, Indiamart, Sulekha etc.
  • Generating Leads with SMS Marketing.

Chapter 22: SMS Marketing

  • Sending Multiple SMS
  • Creating Groups in SMS Interface
  • Targetting Groups using SMS Interface
  • Creating List
  • SMS API Integration
  • Schdueling SMS.

Chapter 23: Getting Freelance Projects

  • Creating Propsoals for Getting Projects
  • Creating Accounts on Freelance Portals
  • Elance, Getafreelancer, Odesk etc.
  • How to Accept Payments for your work?
  • Setting up Escrow on Freelance Portals

Chapter 24: Practical Projects of all Modules

After the Successful Completion of the all the modules students are required to submit practical projects so that they will be able to learn each and everything practically.